Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SBL-EIM-00204: Invalid configuration file (ifb) name.

SBL-EIM-00204: Invalid configuration file (ifb) name.

This is a very common error that is encountered when one runs the EIM job from GUI. Though the error indicates that there is a possible error in the name of the IFB file, it may not be true at all.

I remember in my early career when I was new to EIM, i faced this error though the ifb file name was absolutely correct. I was perplexed as what went wrong with the name. I checked the name of the ifb file name almost 10 times, checking for space etc.

Finally I opened the ifb file and found a character '5' just before the mandatory parameter [Siebel Interface Manager], something like this:

5[Siebel Interface Manager]
      PROCESS = Import Product

Siebel EIM bookshelf says "The first nonblank, noncomment line of the configuration file’s header section must contain the exact information shown:
[Siebel Interface Manager]"

The character was accidentally written over there when i was making changes to the batch number for test load. So silly was the mistake but the error message popped out by EIM was sillier! :-)