Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SBL-EIM-00205: Failed to load the application dictionary.


Today while running Employee skill load on dev environment I got the error "SBL-EIM-00205: Failed to load the application dictionary.". Though this error is not very common, it may occur after upgrade to new siebel versions.

The solution to this problem what I found is:

1. Checked the log file, got below error message:

2. In Siebel tools, I queried for EIM_PAYMENT table and its base table mappings.

3. The foreign key column mapping had one more record entry. This record was added in Upgrade process from to It was a duplicate entry for the same EIM table column. I made the new foreign key mapping inactive as below:

In tools, Query for EIM_PAYMENT in the EIM Interface table attribute, navigate to EIM Table Mapping, Query for S_SRC_PAYMT_ITM, navigate to Foreign Key Mapping and under WRNTY_CLM_ITM_ID, there were two entries for the EIM column. One had changes property ticked.

4. The changed record was made inactive, followed by Apply DDL and activation of the EIM table.

5. Ran the EIM job again.

Results: EIM job successfully completed :-)