Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Organization, Account and Internal Division

Relation between Organization, Division and Account:

A division, internal or partner, is also an organization if its internal organization flag is TRUE (S_ORG_EXT.INT_ORG_FLG = 'Y') and it has an associated S_BU record.

  • Every division is associated with one org, either itself or the closest ancestor division that is also an org.
  • Every position is associated with a division. The position is then also automatically associated with one org, the org with which the division is associated.
  • Persons (Contacts), Users, Employees, Partner users are instances of the Person party type.
  • Typically you associate each employee and partner user with one or more positions. The employee or partner users have only one active position at a time. The employee or partner user is automatically associated with one division and one org at a time: the division and org associated with the active position.

  • Relations between Person type and other party entities are stored in S_PARTY_PER table. E.g. Relation between Users and Accounts or Users and positions.
  • This relation controls the data visibility for a person.
  • S_PARTY_REL table stores ad-hoc informational relationships between parties. E.g. Relationships between a Company and its Accounting firm (both are stored as Accounts)
  • NOTE: Whenever you want to associate a person type (Contact, User, Employee etc.) entity with other party type, use S_PARTY_PER table.

Compiled By
Abu Maryam Mohammed Arif